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The most expensive streets in the UK revealed – all of them are in London

by LLP Editor
26th Aug 14 9:08 am

The UK now has 10,000 streets with an average property value of more than £1m.

According to Zoopla’s Property Rich List 2014, the 10 most expensive streets in Britain have seen property values grow 12.9% in the last year.

There are now 10,613 streets in the UK where property values top £1m. Out of the 10,613 streets, 3,744 are located in London.

Which ones are they? Take a look:

1 Kensington Palace Gardens, London W8 £42,730,706

2 The Boltons, London SW10 £26,570,341

3 Grosvenor Crescent, London SW1X £22,293,470

4 Courtenay Avenue, London N6 £16,877,746

5 Ilchester Place, London W14 £11,853,515

6 Frognal Way, London NW3 £10,974,043

7 Carlyle Square, London SW3 £10,846,481

8 Montrose Place, London SW1X £10,683,611

9 Cottesmore Gardens, London W8 £10,631,829

10 Manresa Road, London SW3 £10,362,420

11 Compton Avenue, London N6 £10,311,219

12 Chester Square, London SW1W £10,205,196

13 Chelsea Square, London SW3 £9,845,528

14 Mulberry Walk, London SW3 £9,799,712

15 St. Albans Grove, London W8 £9,685,622

16 Albert Place, London W8 £9,651,779

17 Victoria Road, London W8 £9,624,985

18  Farm Street, London W1J £9,603,507

19  The Vale, London SW3   £9,250,024

20 The Bishops Avenue, London N2  £9,138,727

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