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Business is booming for quality rental guarantor services

by Lilly Partin
27th Jun 24 12:47 pm

Business is booming in the quality end of the rental guarantor industry, with UK guarantor service Housing Hand announcing a trio of new appointments in its customer experience and sales team.

The company is growing its team to keep up with a significant and sustained high demand, which saw applications for its guarantor service increase by 50% last year.

Housing Hand is experiencing the same level of growth during 2024 – driven by all market sectors, with major accommodation provider groups seeking to further manage risk and efficiency.

The business expansion follows a successful trial with three key partners, which saw Housing Hand enhance its service by providing a faster onboarding journey for the purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) market.

The company has made it even easier for students to apply for its service, including speedier identification protocols and no proof of study. It means that, in some cases, the renter’s ID is sufficient for them to access a PBSA home, speeding up the rental process in a way that benefits all concerned. At the same time, Housing Hand maintains its 100% payout record for all valid claims.

The faster onboarding journey is now rolling out to the wider PBSA market, with the potential to benefit students and accommodation providers in university cities across the country.

Also underpinning growth is the recent House Finder service launch, which supports students seeking single rooms and shared houses to find the right accommodation in the right location and book it instantly.

Accommodation providers may require rental guarantors for domestic and international students, as well as working professionals. Housing Hand works with each of these groups to ensure a smoother, faster rental process with built-in peace of mind. The business continues to expand and enhance services to meet evolving needs. A further recent example of this dynamic approach is that the company has dropped the requirement for all international co-signers to provide proof of address.

“Our strategy of continually improving our service offering, to make it as accessible as possible, is one that benefits renters and accommodation providers alike. Underpinned by our proven standards of reliability, it means it is easier for students and working professionals find and secure their accommodation of choice. Accommodation providers, meanwhile, can rent their properties out faster and with reduced risk,” said, James Maguire, Head of Sales and Marketing, Housing Hand

With the rental guarantor industry continuing to expand, this blend of innovation and reliability will be one that many accommodation providers seek out over the years ahead, meaning further service enhancements and team expansions are expected from key players in the market.

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