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Revealed: London bars crowned best in the world

by Purvai Dua
5th Oct 18 1:38 pm

This year’s “World’s 50 Best Bars awards” threw many surprises. While New York managed to score just six positions on the list, a total of 10 London bars made it to the top 50!

In a major leap from previous years, London’ Dandelyan was ranked the top bar in the world this year. The focus of this bar is ‘to bring a stylish neighbourhood vibe to the glamour of the Mondrian Hotel on London’s Southbank’.


Other London bars that made the cut are: The Connaught, American Bar, Oriole, Bar Termini, And Happiness Forgets, Coupette, Scout, Three Sheets, and Swift.

Surprisingly, Dandelyan’s owner and forward-thinking cocktail creator Chetiyawardana has stated that the bar will soon be ‘killed off’.

“It feels fitting on our 4th birthday to kill off our now-eldest venue…” Chetiyawardana said in the Instagram post, adding: “It would be a disservice to these amazing people, and to what we have created together to continue when we think the landscape, and the conversation, has shifted. There’s so much I think we can do, and so much we want to challenge, discuss, and create in this industry that, like with White Lyan, it makes sense to burn it down, start afresh, and rise again as something brighter, shinier, and more fitting of where we’re (all) now at. Happy Birthday you big green beast, it’ll be great to see you different again. And goddamn I wasn’t joking when I said we have a lot on! I really think we’re just hitting our stride, and now it’s time to pull out the real weird stuff. Here’s to keeping it weird. Don’t ask what’s next (although we are keeping the space), please sit tight, and help us usher out the bar we know so many of you love as much as us.”

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