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Burger King closes all shops and will not ‘pay rent’ in the UK

by LLP Reporter
24th Mar 20 5:39 pm

Burger King has announced they have closed all their restaurants across the UK and they will not be paying any rent.

The government has said shops will not forfeit leases if they do not or cannot pay rent, however, they will have to sort out the arrears at a later time.

The fast food chain’s Alasdair Murdoch told the Today programme, “We are not intending to pay our rent.”

He added, “Most landlords have been reasonable about this. I do think there are a number of creative solutions as well.

“We could add three months on to the end of the lease for those people who are unable to pay in the short-term at the end of these three months.”

Despite restaurants being allowed to offer takeaway food and drinks, Murdoch said, “We took the decision last night [Monday], after what the prime minister said, to close all of our UK restaurants.

“If there are any trailing on, they will all be closed this morning, but we closed 500 last night.”

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