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Homebuyers back government gigabit proposal

by LLP Editor
14th Jan 22 6:41 am

The latest research from Warwick Estates has revealed that the vast majority of UK homebuyers back the government’s proposal to ensure that all new homes are delivered to the market with gigabit infrastructure and connectivity.

The government estimates that 65% of all homes can access gigabit-capable networks, up from just one in ten in November 2019.

However, they want to increase this to 85% by 2025 and are consulting on proposed legislation that will ensure that the construction of new homes includes requirements for the installation of gigabit infrastructure and connectivity.

The aim of this legislation is to prevent homeowners the disruption and cost of installing such capabilities once their home is already built.

97% of those surveyed by Warwick Estates thought this latest legislation proposed by the government was a good idea and it’s easy to see why.

When asked about the importance of good internet connectivity within the home, 78% stated it was very important with a further 20% finding it somewhat important, while just 2% found it of little importance. A trend that has no doubt intensified since working from home has become the norm for so many.

In the digital age, good connectivity has become an expectation rather than an added bonus and 93% of homebuyers would expect to already have the best possible connectivity possible when buying a new-build home.

In fact, 71% went as far as to say that they wouldn’t pay the asking price for a new home if it didn’t offer the best connectivity available, while 82% also stated they would expect the developer to foot the bill in order to upgrade the connection capabilities of a development if they weren’t up to scratch.

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