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Health, wealth and longevity await retirees moving to Italy

by Lilly Partin
6th Nov 23 11:40 am

The new Moving to Italy Show and Seminar, taking place in London on 28th November 2023, is highlighting the numerous benefits that retirees can enjoy when they leave the UK to start a new life in Italy.

With presentations, seminars and exhibitors covering finances, legalities, property, lifestyle and more, the information-packed event will provide access to experts in everything from Italy’s flat rate pension tax to the cost of living.

The 7% tax rate applies to all foreign-sourced pension income and all other foreign-sourced income and gains (income and gains in Italy are subject to the country’s usual tax rates).

Pensioners who move to one of seven regions in the south of Italy may be eligible for the scheme, which can apply for up to 10 years. It means that anyone who plans to move to a municipality with fewer than 20,000 residents in Abruzzo, Basilicata, Calabria, Molise, Puglia, Sicily or Sardinia could see their pension income stretch significantly further over the next decade.

Sardinia holds particular appeal for many retirees, being home to the world’s first identified ‘blue zone’. Seasonal, unprocessed cuisine, sunshine, a traditional lifestyle and (according to local residents) an excellent supply of wine are all contributing to greater longevity than almost any other location on Earth.

Italy as a whole has a longer life expectancy than the UK, at 84.20 years versus 82.31 years. The World Health Organization has ranked its healthcare as the second best in the world, while other indices regularly rank Italy’s health system among the top 10 globally.

Healthline also ranks Italy’s cuisine as among the top 10 healthiest in the world, thanks to its abundant seafood, whole grains, olive oil, fresh tomatoes and other vegetables, alongside a cultural emphasis on enjoying meals slowly. All positive news for those looking for a sun-kissed location in which to spend their golden years.

Retirees in Italy can also look forward to an active cultural and social life, with activities to enjoy on any budget – from exploring ancient architecture to an elegant evening out at the opera.

With vibrant cities and a wealth of stunning rural landscapes, mountains and beachscapes, there is plenty to discover as part of an active retirement. Italians also have a reputation for their welcoming nature, meaning there are plenty of opportunities to socialise with locals as well as with the existing communities of British expats.

“Italy has an incredible amount to offer retirees who want to get the most out of their golden years. There is so much to explore and discover here, with plentiful sunshine, world-class cuisine and a favourable tax regime making a seriously attractive package,” said, Alessandro Belluzzo, President, Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the UK.

Anyone approaching retirement or already retired is welcome to a free ticket to the upcoming Moving to Italy Show to find out more.

Taking place at the Royal Automobile Club in Pall Mall, London, the show will cover all aspects of making the move, with experts on hand to provide practical tips and a wealth of invaluable advice. Tickets for the show, which is run by the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the UK, can be booked online at https://www.italchamind.org.uk/events/moving-to-italy/.

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