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Brexit has sped up Brits’ plans to buy a UK holiday home

by LLP Reporter
6th Feb 19 4:07 pm

28% of Brits have said that leaving the EU has influenced and sped up their decision to buy a UK holiday home this year. With Brexit looming there is uncertainty over the future of overseas holidays, but Brits aren’t going to let this affect their summer vacation.

Conducted by holiday home provider Away Resorts, the recent survey also asked Brits, who had the cash to buy a UK holiday home, what type of property they plan on purchasing.

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Alternative homes took the top spot, with 37% looking to buy a caravan or lodge. 36% are looking for a house and 27% wanted a flat, showing more are looking into non-brick-and-mortar options due to the uncertainty of buying a property during Brexit.

Kate Watts, said: “Recently we have seen an increase in our holiday home enquiry figures and sales, suggesting Brits are investing their money in UK vacations.”

Of those looking to buy before Brexit, results showed 59% will opt for a coastal holiday home.

South of England topped the list of most desirable holiday home locations, with almost a half, 46%, planning to buy here this year. The South West was the number one choice at 26%.

Kate Watts, holiday homes sales and marketing manager at Away Resorts said, “Away Resorts have holiday homes available in multiple costal destinations from Whitecliff Bay on the Isle of Wight to Barmouth Bay in Wales. Since Brexit, we have seen an increase in purchases at both of these and Sandy Balls in the South of England. All three offer Brits a paradise on their doorstep.”

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Owning your own home offers experiences that you can’t get from just taking short trips. People are able to explore a new area of the country in detail and come home to a secure site every night. And they have the flexibility to stay whenever they want.

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