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What was missing from Budget 2021?

by LLP Editor
3rd Mar 21 1:34 pm

What was missing from the Budget 2021, here’s what the property industry has to say:

James Forrester, Managing Director of lettings and estate agent Barrows and Forrester, commented: “Extremely disappointing to see the Government maintain their head in the sand stance on building more homes.

“They usually talk a good game with regard to house building and we often hear dramatic cries of ‘build, build, build’ when the Budget rolls around. Unfortunately, the only thing that has been built is the suspense waiting for them to deliver on these promises.

“This time around we didn’t even see the usual empty rhetoric and hot air, so we can assume that they will continue to ignore what is perhaps the biggest problem currently impacting the housing market.”

Co-Founder of UniHomes, Phil Greaves, commented: “Great news to see that for once, the government has decided to ease the pressure placed on the throats of hard pressed landlords in recent years, with no increase in capital gains tax announcement and no further tax relief reductions.

“Deterring landlords will only ever reduce the level of rental stock available to satisfy the huge number of people reliant on the sector in order to live. Let’s hope the government has now realised that without landlords providing the infrastructure that underpins much of our social housing they will end up with a rental crisis of their own making.“

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