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Twitter talk: Londoners’ takes on the Walkie Scorchie

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3rd Sep 13 11:48 am

Bringing you some of the funniest tweets about the Fenchurch death ray

London has been on fire for the last few days as news broke about the Walkie Scorchie, the angry 20 Fenchurch skyscraper that had unleashed a death ray onto the unwitting streets below.

First it was apparently blinding pedestrians, then it was allegedly melting luxury cars and now, thanks to some cracking reporting from City A.M., we also know that it seems to be causing carpets to spontaneously combust.

All in all, we have reacted to the news about the buildings taking over with typical British tongue-in-cheek humour, instead of genuine alarm which is why we thought we would bring you some amusing Twitter reactions about London’s most talked about building.

There have been those that now view all high-rise buildings with distressing alarm:



A very wide range of those that have tried to frame comic book and sci-fi series around it…



Of course, those who just couldn’t help themselves and had to point out the scientific folly of the whole affair.


Then those who deemed it necessary to look at the business ramification of Scorchie and are worrying that its beam will destroy independent retailers.

Those that have decided to throw their hands up and panic!

And yes, those who just can’t help slipping yet another pun or two into what is already one of the most pun-tastic stories of the year.


Thank you London! We hope you will keep the good humour coming to @LondonlovesBiz – especially seeing as the apocalypse is nigh.



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