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Crash and burn! Walkie Scorchie sets carpet on fire and cracks tiles after frying Jaguar

by LLP Editor
3rd Sep 13 9:51 am

The Walkie Scorchie’s crash and burn spree continues with reports now emerging that it has burnt through a carpet, melted paint and cracked tiles in nearby shops.

This comes after a hot beam of hot light reflecting from the 20 Fenchurch Street skyscraper seemingly fried a Jaguar last week.

Ali Akay of Re-Style Barbers, whose carpet caught fire, now wants the developers to do something about the skyscraper’s burning power as soon as possible.   

“It’s not my problem – even the wood [of the door] is burning and all our product is melting. It’s not safe,” he told City A.M.

Some revellers claimed that the area beneath the skyscraper is “hotter than Mumbai” and others have suggested taking the “building down”. Temperatures as high as 70 degrees Celsius have been recorded in the affected areas where light has been said to temporarily blind passers-by.

Malka Baker, a House of Commons guide, said: “I’ve just been to Mumbai and it’s hotter than Mumbai. Can they put a shield on it? They need to do something.”

Another victim of the skyscraper is Tony Nggy of Viet Café whose slates (tiles) heated up and shattered and paint on the front of the restaurant has started melting.

“If it is a problem caused by the [developers] then of course we want them to do something about it,” he said.

Speaking about the issue, Land Securities and Canary Wharf, said:

“We are taking the issue of light reflecting from 20 Fenchurch Street seriously, and are looking into the matter as a priority.

“The phenomenon is caused by the current elevation of the sun in the sky. It currently lasts for approximately two hours per day, with initial modelling suggesting that it will be present for approximately 2-3 weeks.

“As responsible developers we are making every effort to keep local businesses informed and we have communicated with them regularly since the issue first appeared. While we investigate the situation further we have liaised with the City of London to suspend three parking bays in the area which may be affected.

“In addition, we are consulting with local businesses and the City to address the issue in the short-term, while also evaluating longer-term solutions to ensure the issue cannot recur in future.”

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