Twitter erupts with I can’t see my family but I can view people’s homes


You can’t visit your family, but you can allow many people to view your home if it is up for sale, and renters also allowed to view multiple properties.

One person wrote on Twitter, “Dear My Family. I can’t come into your home but if you want to put your house on the market I can, so if you would like to see me please can you call and book a valuation . That makes it all fine. Thank You.”

Another person tweeted, “House For Sale: Price – one billion pounds Available to close friends and family only Viewings to be held at weekends. (Please bring wine).”

This parody account for Boris Johnson wrote, “Latest Update: -don’t meet your loved ones, except one at a time, 2m apart in a park. -do invite 20 strangers a day to wander all over your house, poking around in your cupboards.”

This person wrote, “So basically, the easiest way to have your family round is to put your house for sale on Purple Bricks and then invite them round as prospective buyers in a physical viewing.