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The Greek real estate migration investment locations offering the most choice to investors

by LLP Editor
30th Jul 21 12:32 pm

Research by Astons, the international experts on real estate, residency and citizenship through investment, reveals which areas of Greece have the highest choice of properties available to purchase for those who are looking to take advantage of the nation’s accessible migration investment program.

Greece is fast becoming one of the most sought-after residency by investment hotspots in the world. With a minimum investment of €250,000, it is the most affordable location for EU residency. Relocation takes just 60 days and, vitally, the whole family is eligible for full residency, including access to the Schengen Zone. With stunning landscapes, an impeccable climate, and an incredibly high standard of schooling and education, investors from across the world are looking to become residents of Greece because it offers great and varied benefits for the whole family.

43% of the homes currently for sale in Greece surpass the €250,000 minimum investment amount required for residency, but there are a number of regions where this percentage is significantly higher, thus offering the highest level choice for investors.

Topping the list is the capital city of Athens. The Northern half of this ancient city currently has 22,581 properties for sale. 18,719 of them, or 83%, are priced at or above €250,000.

South Athens has 39,713 properties on the market, 69% of which meet the minimum investment threshold.

The Cyclades, a collection of small, idyllic islands between Athens and Crete, currently has 5,281 homes for sale, 74% of which meet the €250,000 minimum.

The rest of the Attica region, after discounting Athens, has 8,158 homes on the market, 62% of which meet the real estate acquisition  minimum.

On both the island of Zante and the Argosaronikos islands, 57% of the homes currently for sale meet the €250,000 threshold, while in Lefkada, an island connected to the mainland via a famous causeway, 55% of the available homes offer potential for residency through investment.

Kefalonia (54%), Corfu (49%), Chania (48%), and Fokida (45%) all offer investors an above-average choice of homes priced above the minimum residency investment value.

Managing Director of Astons, Arthur Sarkisian, commented: “Greece offers amazing investment opportunities and equally amazing lifestyle potential which makes it extremely popular among investors who are looking to better the lives of their families as well as their business opportunities.

“This insight into where exactly buyers will find the most choice of homes that fulfill the minimum investment requirements for full Greek and EU residency demonstrates that opportunities are plentiful across much of the mainland and stunning islands.

“But, availability is just the for step of choosing where to invest- there is much more to carefully consider before choosing where in Greece to buy a home. Buyers who are looking for a quiet, family-oriented place, for example, are best avoiding the likes of Corfu due to its association with the all-night party lifestyle. The terrain of some islands will be unsuitable for older buyers, and some islands offer much more efficient access to the mainland than others. All of this makes some spots far more suitable than others.

“Potential investors should make use of professional assistance and guidance when choosing where in Greece to invest their money to ensure that they end up in a place that is perfectly suited to their wants and needs. Astons are on hand to offer all of this guidance and more.”

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