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From its abundant sunshine to the attractions of an outdoor lifestyle, Portugal’s Algarve is a long-term favourite holiday destination with visitors from the UK and elsewhere. For those looking for more than just a holiday, the country also has plenty of points in its favour as a place to settle permanently.

  1. Climate

Weather-obsessed Britons have plenty to feel good about in the Algarve. From June to September inclusive, average temperatures remain firmly above 20°C (the average is 24°C in July and August). The region boasts 300 or more sunny days per year, with an average of 12 hours of sunshine per day from May through August inclusive. Even in the winter months, the average temperature only drops as low as 12°C in January, with an average of five hours per day of sun.

  1. Gastronomy

The Algarve is very much on foodies’ radars right now. At the 2023 Mesa Marcada awards, it was Algarve establishments that took home the Best Pastry Chef and Best Restaurant awards, as well as the special Producer/Supplier of the Year award. This was the first time in the awards’ 14-year history that the Best Restaurant accolade went to a venue outside of Lisbon.

Meanwhile, the Algarve has been chosen to host a gala celebration for the launch of the first-ever edition of the Michelin Guide dedicated to Portugal. The Michelin Portugal Guide 2024 will honour the ongoing gastronomic evolution in Portugal. The Algarve is home to eight Michelin starred restaurants – more than any other Portuguese region.

One of the Algarve’s newest Michelin starred restaurants is Al Sud, located at the stunning Palmares Ocean Living & Golf, which is owned and operated by Kronos Homes. The restaurant earned its first star within six months of opening back in 2021 and his since retained it, with the Michelin website praising the creative work of Executive Chef Louis Anjos. Another member of the Al Sud team, Chef Jeferson Dias, has just won Portugal’s prestigious Chef of the Year award. He follows in the footsteps of colleagues Louis Anjos and Ricardo Luz, who won the award in 2012 and 2019 respectively.

Alda Filipe, Sales and Marketing Director, Kronos Homes said, “The Algarve has developed a stellar reputation for its gastronomy in recent years.

“We are delighted to have such a talented and award-winning team here at Al Sud, serving up innovative tasting menus that celebrate the flavours of the Algarve.

“An on-site restaurant of this calibre is a very special part of our offering to those who buy homes at Palmares Ocean Living & Golf.”

  1. Golf

The Algarve is almost as well-known for its lush green fairways as it is for its beautiful sandy beaches. Golfing with the sparkling blue sea as a backdrop is a superb way to keep fit while enjoying the spectacular Algarve scenery, with the 27-hole course at Palmares providing a particularly stunning example of what the region has to offer.

With dozens of courses dotted across its length, the Algarve’s golf offering is an important consideration for both retirees and young players considering moving to the area.

  1. Work/life balance

The laidback lifestyle, abundant sunshine and plentiful beaches of the Algarve go a long way towards encouraging residents to enjoy a better work/life balance. Al fresco lunches at tiny beachside restaurants can cost from just a few euros and are the perfect way to break up the day. Meanwhile, ending the working day with a quick dip in the pool is the ideal way to banish thoughts of work and start the evening off on the right foot.

With a climate that encourages spending time outdoors year-round, it can be much easier to achieve a better work/life balance when moving to the Algarve. The region also has an excellent infrastructure for supporting digital nomads, while Portugal’s self-employment visas, tech visas, startup visas and qualified worker visas provide plenty of routes to residency.

  1. Mental and physical wellbeing

Between the fresh, local food, the vitamin D from all the sunshine and the health benefits of the sea air, the Algarve is an excellent choice for those seeking to improve their mental and physical wellbeing. The free public healthcare and low crime rate in the Algarve (alongside the rest of Portugal) also mean that the region delivers an inherent sense of safety that can be hard to find in many places these days.

The Algarve’s outdoor lifestyle is another contributing factor to the positive mental and physical wellbeing of its residents. Whether you’re into running, golf, padel, swimming, horse-riding or pretty much any water sport, the Algarve has a wealth of amenities to help you keep in shape and enjoy doing so.

  1. Property prices

House buyers who are struggling with the UK’s lack of affordability will likely find the Portuguese property market to be a welcome relief. According to Numbeo, the average cost per square metre to buy an apartment outside of a city centre in the UK is £3,343.21, while in a city centre it is £4,436.29. In Portugal, meanwhile, the cost is €1,970.12 (£1,694.77) outside of the city and €2,924.81 (£2,516.02) in the centre. This means that property buyers can get far more for their money.

At Palmares Ocean Living & Golf, the price of a “Signature Apartment” starts from €600,000. The homes, which have been designed by Pritzker Prize-winners RCR Arquitectes, come fully furnished. They combine a sense of luxury and elegance with natural tones and textures that harmonise with the natural landscape. Plots of land at Palmares are also available to purchase for bespoke villas, with prices for ocean-view land starting from €1.25 million.

  1. Easy access

All of the above factors combine to make moving to the Algarve appealing to individuals and families in all stages of life, from digital nomads wanting to try living in Portugal for a couple of years, to families with young children looking for a better work/life balance, to retirees looking to keep fit, enjoy a more affordable retirement and perhaps still dip their toes into the online economy in order to supplement their pension payments. The fact that Portugal is so easily accessible from the UK, with regular flights to Faro from regional airports across the country, means that all of them will find it easy to stay in regular contact with friends and family back home.

Alda Filipe, Sales and Marketing Director, Kronos Homes said, “The Algarve is a wonderful place to live year-round, with a welcoming local community, a richly diverse natural landscape and a relaxed lifestyle.

“It has a well-established expat community, with residents hailing from around the globe, who are here to enjoy the myriad benefits that moving to the Algarve encompasses.”

For more information about Palmares Ocean Living & Golf, please email [email protected], call (+351) 917 766 932 or visit https://palmaresliving.com/.

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