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New-build buyers want parking more than sustainability

by LLP Editor
27th Apr 22 12:53 pm

Research by Warwick Estates reveals what new-build features UK homebuyers consider to be most important, with local transport links and amenities ranking below low running costs and off-street parking.

In a survey of 1,023 homebuyers, when asked what features they deem most important when looking to buy a new-build home, the top ranking response was ‘build quality’, suggesting that buyers are wise to the fact that not all new-build homes are finished to an equal standard. Some are riddled with flaws, or snags, and some use superior construction and furnishing materials than others.

The second most popular response was ‘off-street parking’, proving that the idea that personal car ownership levels are declining is yet to have a significant impact on the housing market.

The next most popular response was ‘running costs’, such as energy bills and council tax. With the rising cost of living strong in people’s minds at the moment, it seems that finding a home that can automatically keep costs to a minimum has become a priority.

‘Private green space’ ranks 4th, ‘nearby transport links’ 5th, and ‘sustainability’, such as green energy from solar panels, ranks 6th.

The least popular response was ‘onsite amenities’, including gyms, shops, or social venues, suggesting that modern homebuyers are not massively attracted by the concept of ready-made outlets within a new-build development.

Survey of 1,023 recent NB homebuyers (last six months) commissioned by ProperPR on behalf of Warwick Estates via consumer research platform, FindOutNow (21/04/22)

Which of the following did you deem the most important when looking to buy a house?

1st – Build Quality

2nd – Off Street Parking

3rd – Running costs (Energy bills etc)

4th – Private green space within a development

5th – Nearby transport links

6th – Sustainability such as green energy

7th – Onsite amenities such as a gym or other social outlet

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