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Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch relisted

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2nd Mar 17 3:06 pm

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Michael Jackson’s famous Neverland Ranch has been put back on the market, with a hefty discounted price tag. It comes as no one has come forward to buy the property.

Two years ago the property was put on sale for $100m, it will now cost any portential buyer $67m (£54m).

The property is now called Sycamore Valley Ranch, it’s situated in California and was home to the King of Pop. However, it no longer comes with some of its most famous features.

Jackson bought the property back in 1988, he added both an amusement park and a zoo.

The property was acquired when Jackson faced financial problems in 2008, it was later put on sale in 2009 after he died.

According to real estate website Joyce Rey, the house is “surrounded by manicured lawns, gardens, and magnificent trees, as well as a gorgeous lake with waterfall and swans, boat stops and beach”.

The real estate firm said: “The initial pricing afforded Colony Capital time to better determine the future of the ranch and today we look forward to this magnificent property being enjoyed by a new curator,”

“This quintessential California estate is now ready for the next chapter in its journey.”

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