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London is the most popular city for buy-to-let investment in the UK

by LLP Reporter
19th Mar 19 12:09 pm

Experience Invest has commissioned an independent survey among more than 500 buy-to-let landlords and real estate investors from across the UK. The research reveals how the investors are planning to manage their property portfolios in 2019.

It found:

  • 39% of UK real estate investors are planning on increasing the size of their portfolio over the coming 12 months, compared to 11% who intend to reduce theirs
  • The remaining investors either have no intention of buying or selling any property in 2019 (35%) or will be selling some assets to then reinvest in new properties (15%)

The research shows that the vast majority of UK property investors are looking to maintain or grow the size of their portfolios in the coming 12 months, with a mere 11% planning to reduce the number of assets they own. It comes despite some suggestions that investors were turning their backs on bricks and mortar as an investment class.

Of those who are planning to invest in more properties in 2019, Experience Invest uncovered the top 10 regions and cities that most people are considering. The table below shows how different parts of the UK ranked:

UK regions UK cities
  1. Greater London (37%)
   1. London (35%)
  1. North West (30%)
   2. Manchester (33%)
  1. Midlands (23%)
   3. Liverpool (25%)
  1. South East (22%)
   4. Nottingham (15%)
  1. Yorkshire (21%)
   5. Bristol (14%)
  1. North East (18%)
   6. Leeds (13%)
  1. South West (17%)
   7. Birmingham (12%) / Newcastle (12%)
  1. Scotland (8%)
   7. Newcastle (12%)
  1. Wales (5%)
   9. Luton (11%)
  1. East Anglia (4%)
10. Sheffield (8%) / Edinburgh (8%) / Glasgow (8%)

In terms of the most popular cities, London (35%) just beat Manchester (33%) to take the top spot. Liverpool (25%) and Nottingham (15%) came in third and fourth, followed by Bristol and Leeds, at 14% and 13%. The rest of the top ten consisted of Birmingham and Newcastle (both 12%), Luton (11%), and a four-way tie between Brighton, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Sheffield (all 8%).

When looking at the types of property that investors were considering investing in this year, houses (67%) were the most popular, followed by flats (54%). New-build residential properties also look set to receive a lot of attention, with 39% of respondents keen to invest in this area, as do student accommodation properties (24%).

Commercial (34%) and semi-commercial (21%) real estate were the other leading asset types among UK property investors.

Jerald Solis, business development and acquisitions director at Experience Invest said, “In light of tighter tax regulations on landlords and on-going Brexit uncertainty, there have been some doom and gloom predictions about the future of the UK property market. But today’s research shows that, as an investment asset, real estate is still hugely popular, with a significant number of property investors looking to grow their portfolio further in 2019.

“It’s interesting to see that, while London remains the most popular location for property investment, other regions across the UK are very close behind. In particular, the North West has established itself as something of a ‘hotspot’ for buy-to-let investors, with cities like Liverpool and Manchester providing strong rental yields and healthy capital growth. Luton also remains the top London commuter town for property investment, offering some fantastic new-build investment opportunities for landlords.”

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