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Legal experts offer financial hope for those Mis-Sold solar panels in UK

by LLP Staff Reporter
30th Sep 20 10:39 am

Solar panels are known for their ability to generate sustainable energy and deliver notable cost savings for homeowners. However, thousands of people across the UK are failing to see these benefits, often as a direct result of being mis-sold the panels through unethical sales practices by both installation firms and financial lenders. Now, an experienced group of legal experts has come together to challenge these businesses, support those affected, and help them to claim back losses.

SolarPanelClaims.co.uk has launched a simple ‘no win, no fee’ service that has already helped hundreds of homeowners claim compensation for mis-sold solar panels. According to the BBC, by mid-2019, financial watchdogs had received upwards of 2000 claims for mis-sold solar panels.

Both installers and financial institutions are required under the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation, and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 to provide specific key information to those purchasing products or services from home prior to entering into a contract. It has been reported that many firms have acted illegally by failing to offer up this information. A prime example is the BBC report that elderly homeowners – some in their 90s – had been entered into 25-year financial agreements without giving their consent.

Benjamin Smith, Senior Advisor at SolarPanelClaims.co.uk said, “We hear about salespeople targeting the elderly and vulnerable especially, but the truth is that we’ve handled claims for a huge variety of people, many of whom are incredibly smart and savvy and yet have still had the wool pulled over their eyes. It’s time to put an end to this disgraceful behaviour, and our aim to help anyone affected get the compensation they deserve.

“A high majority of victims who reach out to SolarPanelClaims.co.uk do not realise they can still get compensation even after the solar panel installation company has gone into liquidation and closed” continues Smith. “We take the legal fight directly to the finance companies, ensuring that each client is able get their money back, even if the installation firm closes down.”

One of the biggest challenges that those with solar panels are facing today is that they were not provided with information relating to selling or remortgaging the property in the future. This is particularly problematic for those who agreed to free installations under the feed-in tariff scheme where roof space was leased to providers, resulting in difficulties securing mortgages.

SolarPanelClaims.co.uk is currently offering a no obligation review of each and every potential case. Fully regulated and licensed by the FCA, the team helps homeowners to cancel future finance payments and secure compensation for mis-sold solar panels with no upfront fees, even in cases where the installer has since ceased business. Homeowners can choose to have the panels removed following a successful claim, or keep them in place, using them to generate low cost energy and minimise outgoings.

The initial eligibility process is quick and simple. Visit SolarPanelClaims.co.uk to see in seconds if you’re eligible to make a claim for mis-sold solar panels.

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