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Landlords are failing tenants with cheap, dated and unhygienic furnishings

by LLP Editor
2nd Aug 21 2:54 pm


Manor Interiors, the expert in build-to-rent furnishing solutions, has found that the vast majority of UK tenants have found themselves living with furniture that is unfit for purpose having moved into a furnished rental property.

For many tenants, a furnished rental property is the preferable option as it saves a great deal of hassle on moving day, while others simply don’t own much furniture in the first place.

In fact, previous research by Manor Interiors found that 66% of tenants would actually pay more to secure a well-furnished rental property, although the quality of the furniture was also an important factor.

However, it seems as though landlords are letting themselves down in this respect, as Manor Interiors has now revealed that 59% of tenants found the items in their furnished rental property simply weren’t fit for purpose.

When asked what the predominant reason was, the majority stated that the furniture supplied was cheap and of poor quality.

Old and dated furniture was the next biggest issue with furnished rental home furniture, while the third biggest gripe for tenants was the fact that furniture was dirty or unhygienic – a worrying revelation in current COVID times.

Some found that the furniture in their rental property was in disrepair, while comfort was also an issue for others.

Luckily, furniture that was dangerous and could cause injury was the least most prominent issue, although some tenants still found it to be the case which is simply unacceptable.

CEO of Manor Interiors, Farhan Malik, commented: “The modern-day tenant craves convenience and a furnished property will provide great appeal to the majority, who simply don’t want the arduous task of moving heavy furniture items in and out of rental properties every time they move.

However, in this day and age and with rents as high as they are, they also expect a certain level of quality and so it’s simply not enough to fill a rental property with inadequate items of furniture. Unfortunately for most tenants, they won’t notice these furniture shortfalls until they have moved in and this can see them left with items that simply aren’t fit for purpose for the duration of their tenancy.

It doesn’t matter if you own one buy-to-let, an extensive portfolio, or you’re looking to furnish a full build-to-rent development, quality, bespoke furniture can be secured for less than you might think. Any furnishing company worth their salt will be able to furnish or provide replacement items, within 24 to 48 hours and so there’s no excuse to leave a tenant high and dry.”


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