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Landlord ‘illegally’ evicts Hero NHS paramedic by text over coronavirus fears

by LLP Reporter
23rd Mar 20 4:44 pm

An NHS paramedic who is working on the front line to battle coronavirus has been illegally evicted by his landlady over virus fears.

In a heartless text message to the paramedic he was told it was “only a matter of time” he would bring home the killer bug.

Joseph Hoar who is a paramedic for the South Western Ambulance Service share his text message on social media.


The full text message said, “Actually Joe, on reflection I am now super nervous about having someone from the NHS here.

“As it’s only a matter of time before you are in contact with the virus.

“Can you organise an Airbnb and collect your stuff tomorrow.

“Sorry I normally would never do this but it’s not worth the risk. I’ll charge you for the week and refund everything.”

Hoar responded on social media saying, “When you work as a paramedic for the NHS and you get evicted over a text by your landlady.

“Because of this I now won’t be able to work my 12hr night shift tomorrow, so that means one less paramedic on the road.

“At these unprecedented times we need our NHS demand more than ever.”

Kind hearted people have come forward to help and he is inundated with offer, and advice to talk with his MP.

The Health Secretary, Matt Hancock told LBC Radio that this is illegal and was furious for the paramedic and hit out at the landlady.

Last week, the Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick said, “The government is clear – no renter who has lost income due to coronavirus will be forced out of their home, nor will any landlord face unmanageable debts.

“These are extraordinary times and renters and landlords alike are of course worried about paying their rent and mortgage. Which is why we are urgently introducing emergency legislation to protect tenants in social and private accommodation from an eviction process being started.

“These changes will protect all renters and private landlords ensuring everyone gets the support they need at this very difficult time.”

NHS England have announced on Monday that there have been 46 more deaths from coronavirus across the UK bringing the total to 335.

Boris Johnson is preparing emergency new laws in the House of Commons for a possible lockdown within 24 hours as “very selfish” people are ignoring social distancing measures.

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