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House buyers need to act fast to move before Christmas

by LLP Editor
31st Aug 21 12:15 pm

A leading law firm has encouraged house buyers to act fast if they want to be in their new homes ahead of the festive period, following reports that house purchase completion times have extended to 16 weeks and with the Stamp Duty tax holiday coming to an end.

Fuelled by the temporary cut to stamp duty and house buyers’ desires to move to new territories due to an influx of remote working, the UK housing market has enjoyed a boom across the past 12 months – with house prices soaring by 13% year on year.

In July, the UK hit its highest level of number of homes sold since records began with 213,120sales registered with HMRC during the month. This surge of buyers has placed pressure on the conveyancing market, meaning buyers have found it harder to progress with purchases as quickly as they’d like.

While restrictions have now eased, there are still some reasons searches are taking longer than pre-pandemic levels, with ongoing staffing issues and the struggle to get valuers out to properties due to isolating throughout the ‘pingdemic’, as well as the obvious increases to workload for conveyancers.

Sarah Newcombe, head of residential property at BHW Solicitors, warns that it is likely buyers looking to get on the market now will miss the cut off for Stamp Duty relief with it coming to an end 30 September.

But, with statistics showing that last year the busiest day for moving home was 18th December 2020, Sarah predicts that the market will remain strong until the end of the year as consumers will still be taking advantage of a sellers’ market in order to get the top price for their homes.

And, with homes taking just 26 days to sell versus the 49 days they took in 2019 as reported by Zoopla, buyers are competing for a limited number of properties, so buyers must be in the best position to make an offer quickly.

“While the demand for house moves will gradually settle as savvy investors’ interest subsides, we consistently see a mad Christmas rush year on year,” she said.

“Many buyers tend to have time off planned in at the end of the year and want to be settled in their new homes to spend time with family, starting the year anew and even want to know exactly where their Christmas tree will be put up!”

Noting the prolonged buying process and the increase in enquiries from buyers climbing up the property ladder, Sarah urges consumers to act fast if they want to be in ahead of Christmas, as even the process of acquiring a mortgage is also taking longer than it used to.

“With lenders being pickier about candidates due to furlough and financial situations, we’ve seen it become increasingly difficult for people to meet the criteria set by these lenders, which adds another step to the complications of moving home.

“If you’re partial to a particular property, you need to find that property first before putting your own house on the market. However, if your house could be difficult to sell, I recommend you get it on the market as soon as possible.”

Giving consumers advice on how to get on the market quickly, Sarah explained the entire process from a legal standpoint, so buyers know roughly what to expect during their purchasing journey.

“People often find that estate agents won’t take a property off the market until the buyer has fully instructed a solicitor , and so people should be encouraged to do that part quicky”, Sarah explains.

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