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Grinch’s cave worth more than the North Pole in the current market

by LLP Finance Reporter
20th Dec 23 12:24 pm

The latest research by Yopa, the award-winning national estate agency, has revealed that when it comes to property price pedigree, the Grinch has Santa stumped, with his cave coming in at an estimated £992,329 in the current market, versus £940,402 for the North Pole residence.

Yopa analysed both the current market values of the Grinch’s cave and the North Pole home, as well as looking at the cost of holiday cabins across the UK for those of us that don’t have North Pole money.

The research shows that the Grinch’s cave is currently available to rent and it’s actually found in Boulder, Utah.

The property itself is a palatial 5.700 square feet. With the average home in Utah commanding $218 per square foot, it means the Grinch’s cave is worth an impressive $1,249,989 in the current market – that’s £992,392.

But not to be upstaged by the Grinch, Santa also has his home on the market at present. Listed with Zillow, the ‘magical north Pole retreat’ is nested within 25 idyllic acres and is on the market for $1,177,870, or £940,402.

While both command a healthy price in the current market, the Grinch just beats Santa to the title of most expensive residence, with his cave coming in 6% more valuable.

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Of course, a log cabin is a far more desirable option than a draughty cave, but for those that don’t have North Pole money, Yopa has also looked at the cost of a holiday cabin or lodge in the UK.

There are plenty of cosy options in the current market, such as this three bed lodge, listed with Zoopla for £200,000. 

Yopa’s analysis found that, on average, a holiday cabin will set you back £227,610 in the current market.

However, this climbs as high as an average of £411,875 in Norfolk, with Gwynedd (£361,311) and Gloucestershire (£325,000) also some of the most expensive options for a festive holiday retreat.

For those looking for a Christmas cabin bargain, Lincolnshire is the place to go, where the average price of a lodge comes in at just £113,333.

Northumberland (£132,500) and Cambridgeshire (£140,000) also make for affordable options.

CEO of Yopa, Verona Frankish, said, “Who would have guessed that a large draughty cave would have commanded more in the current market than the Santa’s home in the North Pole itself?

That said, both are some way above the average UK house price and so hopeful homebuyers in search of a property to boost their Christmas cheer levels may want to consider a lodge or cabin of their own.

As is often the case with the UK property market, prices vary, but you could pick up that perfect winter property for as little as £113,000.”

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