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Expert plumber warns Brits may be at risk of rats through their toilet

1st Jul 24 4:11 pm

Hundreds of thousands of UK residents could be at risk of unwelcome animals swimming up their toilet pipes, unless they use specific products to protect them.

According to experts from MyBuilder.com, the reliable way to hire tradespeople, pests such as rats are easily able to swim up pipes into your toilet, if your system is not fitted with a “non return” valve.

The valve is inexpensive to buy and can easily be fitted by a professional, to both older clay pipes and more modern plastic ones, as long as there is access to pipes inside the manhole.

It works by closing the pipe with a flap once waste has passed through it, ensuring nothing else can travel through the pipes. Drain grates can also be useful in preventing rodents accessing your pipes. Older homes, particularly Victorian age and older, are most likely to not have a non return valve fitted, making them most susceptible to problems.

This product should also stop creatures such as snakes finding their way into your toilet bowl – a rare but possible scenario. In fact, in 2023 a woman in Solihull was shocked to find an unknown species of snake in her toilet bowl.

While it may sound like something out of a horror film, rats using pipework to gain access to your home via a toilet is not unusual. In fact, the renowned publication National Geographic published a video showing exactly how easily rats can gain access to your toilet. For anyone who is suffering with rodents in their house and who aren’t able to find out how they are getting in, checking the toilets is a good idea.

However, in order for any creature to be able to get into your toilet, they have to be able to access your plumbing in the first place. A non return valve will stop them entering your pipes in the first place, keeping your home safe from unpleasant animal surprises.

Mike Flook, plumbing expert from MyBuilder.com, said that this piece of equipment is easy for any plumber to install and will give you peace of mind.

“No one wants to find a rat in their toilet – and while not common, it’s unfortunately a scenario that can happen. Thankfully, it can be easily prevented.

“A non return valve locks vermin out of your home and prevents them from using your pipes as access to get in. It will also stop any snakes, frogs, and other creepy creatures gaining access the same way. Installing one is a simple job and should cost no more than £200 to do.”

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