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Expert tips to get your garden summer ready and recover from the rain

23rd Apr 24 7:06 am

This year has seen a record level of wet weather, which has wreaked havoc on our gardens and outside spaces.

But while the weather might not yet be filling us with that summer feeling, it certainly is warming up – so it’s the perfect time to complete tasks to help recovery.

Establishing a beautiful garden after the winter can seem like a daunting task any year, but this year is particularly challenging. The UK has experienced unprecedented rain, which has been disastrous for many gardens.

In fact, recent research by MyBuilder.com, the reliable way to hire a tradesperson, showed that nearly a fifth (17%) of Brits have had their lawns ruined by the endless rain, while 15 per cent said that their plants and trees had suffered damage.

Now the rain has (hopefully) abated, it’s vital to take steps to help restore and improve outside spaces now if you want to enjoy them this summer.

James Lewis, a gardening expert from MyBuilder.com, said that there are many steps to take to help rescue, restore, and improve your garden.

“This endless rain has been awful for gardens across Britain in 2024. While obviously some rain is vital for healthy growth in lawns and plants, over saturation can cause destruction or serious damage to vegetation, and also to wooden areas such as decking, fences, and sheds.

“Now the rain has stopped, it’s time to take steps to rescue your garden. It’s also worth reviewing your current drainage and storage options, to see if you can help protect your outdoor spaces should we be subjected to another rainy season.”

Here are MyBuilder.com’s tips for repairing your garden after the rain, and making the most of your spaces before the summer.

Rescue your plants

The recent wet weather has wreaked havoc on many of our gardens,with MyBuilder.com research revealing that 15 per cent of us have damaged trees and plants. If you need to replace any, make sure you add mulch or grit when planting so that the soil has improved drainage and plant loss is reduced. It may also be worth researching plant species that are more tolerant of damp locations – a gardener will be able to advise you on this should you require expert help.

Paint and treat your wood

Spring is a great time to repair and restore any of your wooden features, as the rain should now have stopped. Items such as fencing, sleeper walls or decking, should all be checked over for damage and ascertain what needs to be repaired or replaced. Once you have a few dry days forecast, you can stain and treat any wood that needs it.

Love your lawn

If waterlogging has been an issue for you this winter as MyBuilder.com data suggests, it’s a good time to take action to prevent future issues with wet lawns. Re-sow any poor patches of grass, aerate your lawn to encourage root growth and give it a good scratch with a wire rake to allow light and water to reach the soil. Consider how to improve drainage, for example by installing a new drainage system (such as a pipe or gravel trenches).

Also, remember to not mow less than 1 cm height off your grass – cutting it too short will give you a far less healthy-looking lawn. If you have serious concerns about your lawn health, get an expert in to advise on the best course of action.

Repointing and repairing

The rain this winter has been brutal, and there have been demands on brickwork and patios. If you have gaps or issues, you might need a professional to repoint any exterior walls, patios or paths. Most of all, after cleaning or power washing your patio, if it is showing signs of wear and tear, with loose, cracked grout and weeds sprouting between the slabs it might be time to repoint the patio slabs. Repointing is a cost-effective way to rejuvenate your patio area and restore its appearance.

Tree Surgeon

Rain can cause serious damage to trees, but it’s not always obvious to the untrained eye. Expert tree surgeons will inspect your trees and advise you on any required tree maintenance. Tree felling, stump grinding, crown reduction, and pruning all become a harder job in summer, and can increase costs, so now’s the perfect time to call a surgeon.

Add shade

Hiring a professional to add shade to your garden is a great way to keep you, your family, and your garden cool during the summer months. Parasols offer a cheap and quick option, but pergolas can be a better permanent fixture to make full use of your outside space. If you have garden space close to your property wall, a retractable awning is another option to offer shade when needed.

Deep cleaning

April is a perfect time to deep clean your various garden items ready for entertaining. This can include your BBQ, fire pit, chiminea, decking or patio. Cleaning your garden items also allows you to pay close attention to any repairs that need to be made, or any replacements that need to be purchased.

Get weeding 

Lawns, patios, driveways, and flower beds all require regular weeding to keep on top of them. If the task becomes too overwhelming, it may be a good idea to hire a professional gardener to tackle the problem quickly.

Outdoor power

With warmer evenings comes more outdoor entertainment. A professional electrician will be able to install outdoor lighting, heating, entertainment systems and outdoor cooking equipment required to be the perfect outdoor host.

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