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Despite falling house prices, UK faces huge shortage of unaffordable housing

by LLP Reporter
2nd Mar 23 5:11 pm

Despite recent news around property prices falling, the UK is not building enough affordable homes to meet demand.

A new study by Money.co.uk Mortgages has analysed community and government dwelling stock data across the UK to reveal the UK authorities with the most affordable housing.

The Government’s current target to build 300,000 homes a year does not account for the affordability of housing, and according to Unison we need at least 150,000 good quality social rented homes.

East Lothian, Scotland, lands the title for the most affordable homes with 187 per 100,000 dwellings. The area has the most housing for sale or rent, for those whose needs are not met by the market. East Lothian has 917 affordable homes compared to a total of 49,000 dwellings in the authority. East Lasothian is mostly rural and enjoys 40 miles of coastline.

Midlothian, Scotland comes in second place with 157 affordable homes per 100,000 dwellings. Midlothian has a total of 41,000 dwellings, and 643 of them are affordable homes. Midlothian borders the city of Edinburgh and the Scottish Borders.

Perth & Kinross completes the top three with 149 affordable homes per 100,000 dwellings.  Perth & Kinross has 74,000 dwellings and 1,106 are affordable homes.The stunning nature of north Perth & Kinross makes tourism a key player in its economy.

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