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Why business travellers are choosing serviced apartments

by John Saunders
11th Oct 22 4:50 pm

The business travel landscape is changing. As a consequence of several factors including environmental consciousness and the lasting effects of the pandemic, companies are more selective over when and where they send their business travellers.

Short and frequent stays are more and more being substituted for extended periods away from the office – whether they be business development opportunities or project management. This is having an impact on the types of transport and accommodation that travellers are choosing – namely opting for serviced apartments in London rather than hotels. But why are serviced apartments soaring in popularity?

Home away from home

Serviced apartments combine the luxury of hotel rooms with the comfort and space of a dedicated living area. For extended trips, this can help travellers to establish a home away from home with some of the comforts that they may miss if they’d stay in a hotel room. Having a kitchen, sitting down on the sofa and enjoying a secluded bedroom can help to make a temporary living space feel more like home.

More functionality

Another benefit of serviced apartments is the added functionality and flexibility they provide for business travellers. From a working perspective, apartments can double up as a coworking space – potentially mitigating the need to book a separate workspace whilst you are in between meetings or scheduled events. Moreover, kitchen facilities and dedicated living spaces can help to enrich travellers’ downtime by creating opportunities for home-cooked meals and relaxation. Many serviced accommodation providers will offer tailored cleaning schedules and laundry facilities to suit your needs too.


Cost is a significant factor when it comes to business accommodation. Luxury is nice but businesses are being forced to watch the pennies in the current economic climate. Serviced apartments can offer a taste of luxury at a more affordable rate, particularly over longer-term stays. This isn’t just because of the nightly rate, but through using the apartment as a workspace and with kitchen facilities you can encourage home-cooked meals and save significant amounts on eating out and booking coworking spaces.

Group and “bleisure” travel

More business travellers are utilising the opportunities to explore new locations within as well as outside of work. The term “bleisure” has been coined to represent a new way of approaching business travel and it refers to making the most of both professional and leisure time whilst away from the office. Some even take their families away for holidays, meaning serviced apartments which can sleep up to 6 people offer a valuable opportunity to stay together and do all of the above.

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