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Why are 100 British landmarks getting re-named? (Hint: to please the Chinese)

by LLP Editor
17th Feb 15 10:57 am

Want to buy a suit? Head to the “Tall, Rich, Handsome Street”.

Want to visit the tallest skyscraper in Western Europe? Take a trip up “The Tower Allowing Us To Pluck Stars From The Sky”

Want to buy a fancy bag/belt/window-shop? Go to the “Street of the rich”

Not sure what we’re on about? Read on…

A total of 101 British landmarks have been given Mandarin nicknames as part of VisitBritain’s £1.6m campaign to attract more tourists.

According to the BBC, Britain saw 156,000 visits from China in the first nine months of 2014. This contributed over £411m to the UK economy.

VisitBritain got over 130,000 suggestions from Chinese tourists to re-name Britain’s most-visited landmarks.

The Welsh village of *deep breath* Llanfair-pwllgwyn-gyllgo-gery-chwyrn-drobwll-llanty-silio-gogo-goch has aptly been given the name “Healthy Lung Village”. Why? Because you need lungs of steel to be able to speak the name out loud. The village was the most popular place to rename with over 15,000 votes.

In second place was Savile row or “Street of the rich” and in third place was Scotland’s Glen Coe, which was named the “Splendid and Beautiful Valley”.

VisitBritain chief executive Sally Balcombe said: “Chinese visitors already stay longer in Britain than in our European competitor destinations and are high spenders.

“We want to ensure that we continue to compete effectively in this, the world’s biggest outbound market and ensure that we deliver growth and jobs across the nations and regions of Britain.”

Take a look at the 15 most popular London destinations amongst Chinese tourists and their Mandarin nicknames

The Shard – ‘Lun Dun Zhui’ – London Cone

King’s Cross St Pancras – ‘Mo Fa Huo Che Zhan’ – Magic Station

Leadenhall Market – ‘Li Deng Hai’ – Sea of Gorgeous Lights

Savile Row – ‘Gao Fu Shuai Zhi Lu’ – Tall, Rich, Handsome Street

Carnaby Street – ‘Kai Nian Jie’ – Remembering the Old Days Street

Portobello Market – ‘Po Tao Bao Li Shi Chang Po-tao-Bao-Li’ – means “to find treasures”

Shoreditch – ‘Lie Qi Qu’ – Novelty-seeker Area

Knightsbridge – ‘Fu Ren Jie’ -Street of the rich

Temple Church – ‘Sheng Dian Jiao Tang’ – Sacred church

The Mall – ‘Bai Jin Han Da Dao’ – Buckingham Boulevard

Hampton Court Palace – ‘Han Yuan’- Palace with vast treasures

Kensington Palace – ‘Wang Shi Hua Yuan’- Royal Garden

Trooping the Colour – ‘Jing Qi Sheng Dian’ – Banners-and-flags ceremony

Beefeater – ‘Huang Jia Dai Dao Shi Wei’- Blade-carrying Imperial bodyguards

Denis Severs’ House – Lun Dun Lao Jie Si Chou Ren Jia- ‘Old Street Silk Weaver’s House’



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