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Which Ministerial mansions can British politician Rishi Sunak afford to buy?

by Mark Fitt Political Journalist
11th Dec 20 11:33 am

The Chancellor, Rishi Sunak was relatively unknown at the start of 2020, but since the emergence of the Covid crisis, he has become one of the most recognisable faces in British culture. 

Almost a year on from his promotion to Chancellor, he is not only the bookies favourite to become the next Prime Minister, but he’s also currently the richest sitting MP. 

While Sunak’s finances may be currently under scrutiny, taking his reported net worth, online estate agents Emoov have revealed which ministerial mansions from around the world he could afford to pay for in full. 

With an estimated net worth of £630 million*, the property valuation experts at Emoov say the Chancellor can afford to buy 10 Downing Street nearly ten times over.

But what other Ministerial properties can Sunak afford to purchase? 

See the full list below:

  1. White Palace – £628,606,875
  2. Rashtrapati Bhavan – £471,747,276 
  3. The White House – £396,868,657
  4. Prague Castle – £358,439,900
  5. Palacio de la Moncloa – £150,800,00 
  6. 10 Downing Street – £61,871,653
  7. The Lodge – £47,066,752
  8. Rideau Cottage – £40,054,063
  9. Palácio da Alvorada – £20,670,000
  10. Premier House – £14,955,509
  11. Justice Palace, Qasr Al Hukm – £14,560,000
  12. Merdeka Palace – £6,500,000
  13. 24 Sussex Drive – £4,550,000
  14. Chancellery – £912,600 

The White House, home to Donald Trump, the current President of America has been valued at £396,868,657 and has an estimated monthly mortgage rate of £1,867,553. 

At this price, Sunak’s estimated net worth would be enough to cover the cost of the mortgage payments for the presidential The White House. 

*Based on the joint net worth of Rishi Sunak and Wife Akshata Murthy. 

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