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What does a mastic man do?

by John Saunders
24th Mar 20 3:17 pm

As a property owner, one of the common issues you’ll have to deal with is repairing damaged surfaces. Based on that, you can expect to work closely with a mastic man. These are people who repair damaged surfaces and joints using different types of tools and silicone. These service provers are usually available in every location, so finding one shouldn’t be expensive. You can compare the prices of a few of them before you settle on the one that will give you the most value at the best price. Most mastic men prefer to use silicone because of its water and mildew resistant ability, but they can choose different colours. You can, therefore, choose any colour to blend with the rest of the surface.


Most mastic men usually offer a wide range of services, but others specialize in one area only. Confirm that the one you find has the skills to handle the kind of repair you want to be done. While the basic repair techniques may be the same, the details differ depending on what needs repair. For instance, the application for joints will differ from wet surfaces, which will differ from dry plain surfaces. The common areas that a mastic man offers services in include:

  • Floors and kitchens
  • Wet areas
  • Window and door frames
  • Expansion joints
  • Joints


When looking for a mastic man near me, I focus on the qualities they have to get the best one. Some of those qualities include:


Working with sealants require a high level of accuracy if the job is to be completed with a high level of professionalism. You don’t need a service provider who will do a sloppy job. They should be competent enough to eave the surface as good as new to make it harder for people to notice the repair work you can find this out from the previous projects they have done in the same area. You can also ask around to confirm that the mastic man you’re interested in hiring has a good reputation as far as efficiently completing the job is concerned.

The best sealant choice

The quality of the job also depends on the type of material used as a sealant. If the material is a high-quality one, then the repaired surface will remain in great shape for longer, unlike when a low quality is used. Make sure the service provider only used the best sealants in the market. You can research the highest quality ones then compare them with the ones the mastic man uses.


Before spending your money, you need to make sure that you’ll be getting a long-lasting surface that guarantees value for money. The mastic man should reassure you that they have excellent services and give you some sort of proof that they will prioritize customer satisfaction.


Always work with an accredited service provider. Make sure they have the proof of their accreditation and confirm their legitimacy by doing your own background check. The way they handle their clients also matter. A mastic man who is transparent and honest is better than one who isn’t open about the materials and processes they use.

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