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Video: Inside Richard Branson’s $182,000-a-week Verbier ski lodge

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20th Feb 14 10:35 am

You’re probably just as accustomed as I am to having four chefs, a 24-hour chauffeur and a spa therapist at your complete disposal, so I’m sure you’ll join me in saying a big fat “pretty average holiday” to Richard Branson’s Verbier ski lodge.

After all, what chalet worth its salt doesn’t have a full-size dance floor to meet your every apres-ski need?

No need to mention the swimming pool, natch. Darling, it’s the least we’d expect.

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I suppose you’ll want to have a nosy in Branson’s personal room – yeah, of course it has a secret doorway heading through to his own personal study. What entrepreneur wouldn’t?

Obviously, it’s small change to hire this poxy Motel-esque ramshackle shack of an abode: the most expensive it gets is a mere $181,500 for the week over Christmas.

Divvied-up among the 18 guests it can take, that’s a snip at just over $10,000 a head for seven days.

Not bad, considering you get almost one member of staff each, with the full in-house team standing at 15. They’ll also look after you if you get too drunk when going for a swim, says Gareth Chandler, general manager, in the video below.

Go on then, watch the video, courtesy of Bloomberg, which created it:


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