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These are the supporters of the Garden Bridge

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21st May 15 11:43 am

Yesterday we ran this article reporting on opposition to the Garden Bridge project.

The Garden Bridge Trust sent us an email today with these quotes from the project’s supporters:

Architect Lord Richard Rogers, design advisor to the Mayor of London, said: “The Garden Bridge will enrich London. It was an amazing battle to build the Millennium Bridge and no one would dream of saying it was a bad idea now. I’m all for the Garden Bridge… It would be wonderful. I’ve always argued we need more bridges because it opens up more routes through the city. There are something like eight times as many bridges across the Seine as there are across the Thames.”

Sarah Sands, editor, Evening Standard said: “An oasis in the city…The Bridge will be a year-round patch of colour and greenery – and London could do with more of that.”

Sir Nicholas Bacon, president, Royal Horticultural Society said: “The RHS look forward to creating what would be a remarkable horticultural achievement in the centre of the Greatest City on Earth…we hope that vision of the social/community programmes help to educate the public about their natural surroundings.”

Ruth Duston, chief executive, the Northbank Business Improvement District said: “We are very supportive of the Garden Bridge as we can see how transformational it will be in how people move around this area. The new crossing will be a landmark in London, connecting two of the capital’s historical and cultural hubs – The Northbank and South Bank. It’s going to help us put The Northbank on the map and complement the work we are doing to make the area a more attractive place to visit, work or live.”

Marc Sidwell, editor, City AM said: “The Garden Bridge, a delightfully eccentric vision being realised by some of the country’s finest designers and engineers. It promises a garden view open to all from the world’s most exclusive real estate, the Thames, that will be maintained by a charity. Millions have been pledged already, and more generous support will help keep the project alive. London is already beautiful, but there is no such thing as too much beauty.”



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