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The top 50 safest postcodes for homebuyers revealed

by LLP Finance Reporter
7th Aug 23 1:12 pm

The latest research by Quickmove Properties has revealed that homebuyers hoping to live in one of the UK’s top 50 safest postcodes will pay an average of 20% more for the pleasure when compared to the average cost of a home across the UK.

Quickmove Properties analysed the crime rate across each postcode of the UK, based on crimes committed per 1,000 residents, before revealing the top 50 safest UK postcodes and how much it costs to live there.

The research shows that the average crime rate across the nation’s 50 safest postcodes comes in at just 27 crimes per 1,000 people. However, potential homebuyers will need to dig deep if they want to purchase within one of these postcodes, with the average property price coming in at £355,573 – 24% more than the current UK average (£285,861).

The safest of the lot is Cornwall’s PL35 postcode, with a crime rate of just 6 crimes per 1,000 residents last year. But with an average house price of £349,212, a property in the PL35 postcode comes in 22% higher than the UK average.

Exeter’s EX37 postcode is the second safest in the nation, although again, the average house price is currently 14% higher than the UK average.

However, there is hope for homebuyers looking for a safe haven at an affordable price. Cumberland’s CA19 postcode is not only the joint third safest in the nation with a crime rate of just 18, the average house price of £378,482 comes in just below the national average (-3%).

Even more affordable still is the CW10 postcode in Cheshire East. The joint third safest postcode in the nation also boasts an average house price some -29% more affordable than the UK benchmark.

Sales Director at Quickmove Properties, Mark O’Dwyer said, “Safety is a key concern for homebuyers, whether it’s the first time living alone, the search for a family home, or retirees looking to downsize to a more peaceful pace of life.

But a property purchase in an area with a low level of crime is likely to cost you, 24% more on average in fact, and it’s no surprise that of the 50 safest postcodes in the nation, 37 command a higher average house price when compared to the national benchmark.

However, many silver downsizers are finding that they can have their cake and eat it when it comes to safety and affordability, no matter what postal area they move to.

Park home estates are an incredibly safe option due to the fact that many are gated communities of like-minded residents who tend to look out for each other and their property. In fact, our previous research found that 90% of park home owners feel safe living within the park home community and, in the last five years, just 3% of insurance claims made by park home customers of Towergate Insurance were for any theft related incidents.

What’s more, park homes are a far more affordable path to homeownership, allowing downsizers to purchase in areas such as the South West, home to 13 of the Top 20 safest postcodes in our research. For a fraction of the cost, buyers benefit from the relaxing quality of life on offer, as well as greater peace of mind due to the far lower crime rates.”

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