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The top 10 lavish home improvements for multi-millionaires

by LLP Editor
13th Apr 15 12:23 pm

Home improvements for most of us mean a quick trip to B&Q to buy a new kitchen sink or, if we’re feeling rich, installing a new conservatory.

But for the super-rich, home improvements mean installing a mood room, an atrium and even a multi-story car park. (What’s a mood room? We’re not so sure either. All we know is Jeremy Clarkson had one for brainstorming ideas for Top Gear)

According to a study by stone merchants Britannicus Stone, these improvements add up to 50% to the selling price of the house.

Orlando Boyne, director, Britannicus Stone, said: “The last few years have seen a rush for ever increasing knobs and whistles.

“The term luxury has been redefined. Bespoke is the order of the day.

“The super-rich want things that are rare and this invariably means expensive.

“With so many properties converted to a luxurious state, creativity needs to make top end residences stand out.”

Here are the top 10 lavish home improvements for multi-millionaires:

1 Mood room

2 Atrium

3 Bespoke cabinets

4 Triple glazing/bullet proof glass

5 Integrated kitchen

6 Multi-storey garage

7 Floating cantilevered staircase

8 Laser garden lighting

9 Living wall

10 Sliding roof


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