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Southwest train delays as person trapped under train

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24th Apr 17 4:07 pm

Person trapped halts trains

Monday afternoon a person has been hit by a train at Queenstown Road station and is trapped underneath. 

British Transport Police confirmed that a person is stuck by the train at 3pm this afternoon police and paramedics are at the scene.

Trains between Clapham Junction and Waterloo are blocked whilst the incident is being dealt with.

Jon Lucas was on the train from Richmond and told the Wandsworth Guardian: “We’d left Vauxhall and about to arrive at Queenstown Road when the train halted.”

“The first three carriages were on the station; the rest of the train was not.”

“The guard came over the tannoy that the train had been involved in an incident, then five minutes later we were asked if anyone wanted to get off at Queenstown Road.”

“On emerging from the station the emergency services were already there and more were on their way.”

“People were calm and so was the guard.”

Fay Watson posted on Twitter: “On a train stopped just outside Queenstown Road – all trains around stopped.”

Trains will be delayed and some may even be cancelled whilst the disruption is thought to last until the end of service.


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