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Ruby Wax and BoJo's sister oppose financier's plans to build "revolting" basement

by LLP Editor
9th Apr 13 11:40 am

Comedian Ruby Wax has become has become the latest celebrity to join the war on basements after a financier announced plans to create a second basement extension at his £8m Notting Hill home.

Wax and Boris Johnson’s sister Rachel Johnson, along with other Kensington & Chelsea residents, called for a ban on Mark Hawtin’s plans to build a basement for an office, gym, kitchen and family room.

Wax, told the Standard: “I think it’s revolting. There is a really problem with the ‘whose kitchen is the largest’ mentality. I know people who have built vineyards under their houses. If you want a large house, go and live in Hampstead.

“We have to get behind this push to stop the plans. If we don’t the situation will get worse and worse.”

Wax claimed that the construction would mean 58 lorry movements and residents will face 78 weeks of disruption.

Johnson said, “The main problem is with the lorries. A woman was killed on our road by a developer’s lorries a few years ago and also it is a pick-up point for primary school children. Also this isn’t just any extension, it will be two storeys and we are already dealing with an area that is structurally unsound.”

A committee report submitted to the council suggests that the plans are in accordance with the planing laws and doesn’t the harm trees in the area. However, if Hawtin’s permission is granted, he would have to replace a tree and rebuild the pavement above the basement extension.

Hawtin’s architect Tom Croft said that Wax’s claim of 58 lorry was “not credible” and that  they had “gone out of our way” to keep neighbours informed about the plans.

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