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Road to riches? Why your street name could be adding thousands to the value of your house

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27th Jan 16 9:58 am

The name of that bit of road outside your house has a big influence on overall value

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Do you live on a Road, or a Street? Or perhaps you reside on a Lane, a Way, or even in a Nook. It may seem like it doesn’t matter, but the top line of your address could be adding thousands to the value of your property.

And it’s bad news for those living on a Street, or a Road.

The most desirable name for the bit of tarmac by which you access your abode is apparently Warren, followed by Chase, and Mount.

According to research by property website Zoopla, the average price of a house with a Warren suffix was a lofty £607,267. In comparison, the run-of-the-mill Street suffix has an average value of £184,722.


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Zoopla said it analysed over 28 million homes to identify the top 1000 most common street names.

Zoopla’s Lawrence Hall said: “The saying goes that the three most important factors in buying a house are location, location, location; our research shows that even the road name you choose can make a difference to how much you can expect to pay when finding a property.

“Where a ‘Warren’ might appeal for those looking for exclusivity, ‘Streets’, ‘Courts’ and ‘Terraces’ could offer more affordable options.”

The researchers also recorded how many of each suffix they found in the UK.

Here are the findings:

Zoopla’s highest value streets by name

Rank Street suffix Avg. Home Value #in the UK
1 Warren £607,267 1,833
2 Chase £482,867 4,324
3 Mount £390,500 3,789
4 Path £389,732 929
5 Park £384,809 5834
6 End £381,933 12,857
7 Green £363,348 24,920
8 Way £358,981 32,890
9 Hill £354,301 15,577
10 Lane £342,059 307,153
11 Gardens £340,461 15,953
12 Paddock £320,984 8,273
13 Walk £319,926 6,690
14 Rise £307,965 4,363
15 Lawns £302,760 1,733
16 Place £293,403 18,728
17 Road £293,403 2,125,670
18 Grove £289,385 68,586
19 Drive £286,098 101,653
20 Parade £275,766 9,269
21 Square £272,614 8,696
22 Nook £270,511 819
23 Close £268,957 325,528
24 Crescent £265,055 27,153
25 Pastures £262,060 2,635
26 Avenue £261,850 289,395
27 Meadows £252,000 7,011
28 Row £233,778 2,564
29 View £207,641 39,152
30 Terrace £194,403 20,042
31 Court £194,172 9,232
32 Street £184,722 1,036,227

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