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PropTech reviews unravels confusion of £6bn UK PropTech market maze 

by LLP Reporter
9th Nov 20 10:19 am

According to Gary Barker who is highly a respected heavyweight in the property and technology space, ‘Domestically the U.K. proptech market is hugely lucrative, worth a potential £6bn, and already receives 10% of global proptech investment.’ (Forbes).

And this is the reason that Paul James, CEO and Founder decided to now launch PropTech Reviews a symbiotic platform to cut through the noise in the UK property technology jungle.

A place to go for anyone who needs, quick, objective advice on PropTech, a Gartner type experience, with comprehensive insights, and guidance being rolled out in the future. And at the same time, an ecosystem for Prop Tech companies to showcase their unique services, increasing exposure and generating more clients.

As Paul puts it, https://www.proptechreviews.co.uk/ is, ‘One website, but two powerful solutions, enabling decision makers in property businesses to utilise the right digital tools and services.

We knew that consumers wanted a single, easy to navigate database of PropTech solutions, and we knew that cutting edge PropTech companies, many startups with real commercial edge needed a place where customers could find and learn about them’

Authenticity and trust is also front and centre, with property professionals being able to leave 100% genuine reviews on the tech if they are a user. And as part of the transparent model, they can even suggest proptech companies if they see that they are not yet on the site.

In an age of digital hype, with lockdown two upon the UK nation, PropTech Reviews is the 2020 simple, truthful, digital, ready-reckoner, guidebook that busy stakeholders can zip on to – find solutions quickly – and know that the reviews, all of which are checked by the PropTech Review team, means they can buy with confidence.

For PropTech companies it is a place where inquisitive consumers, needing products and services to create efficiencies and drive profitability can be found, a win for all parties.

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