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Private jet costs to Nice could cover your rent in the UK for nearly three years

23rd Aug 19 12:50 pm

While a private jet may seem like an appropriate method of travel for royalty, Harry and Meghan have come under fire for opting to fly on their fourth in 11 days after departing Sir Elton’s £15m pad in France.

Despite Elton picking up the tab, a two-hour return flight from Nice to London on a private jet cost over £20,000 (£21,832), enough for the average UK tenant to put a roof over their head for 2.7-years! Just over two years for tenants in England, 2.5-years in Scotland in Northern Ireland and 3.5 years in Wales!

In fact, there’s only a handful of places where it would set you back more to rent for a whole 12 months, all of which are located in London. Kensington, Westminster, Camden, City of London, Hammersmith and Fulham, Richmond, Islington, Hackney and Wandsworth all come in at an annual rental cost of above £21,832.

But where doesn’t?

Well, pretty much the rest of the UK, but to put it into perspective, the average tenant could rent for 12 whole months in the prestigious Surrey climbs of Elmbridge (£21,312), the likes of Tower Hamlets (£21,276), Lambeth (£21,012) or Southwark (£20,112), South Bucks (£17,496) and Guildford (£16,956).

Even if you were to split the cost between mates and actually fill out the 12 seater plane it would still cost you £1,819 per person. That’s nearly three months of rent for the average UK tenant.

Co-founder of ideal flatmate, Tom Gatzen said, “Meghan and Harry aside, it’s pretty mad to see how the other half live when you consider the struggle many have when trying to stay afloat in the UK rental sector.

“To think you could put a roof over your head for nearly three years on the cost of one return trip to Nice in a private jet really puts it into perspective, especially when the cost of rent is one of the largest financial burdens in this day and age.

“Until I make it into Elton’s inner circle, I’ll have to make do with the £120 return flight in economy.”

Average annual rent – nations
Location Monthly Rent Annual Rent Years rent for cost of a private jet
ENGLAND £858 £10,296 2.1
WALES £515 £6,182 3.5
SCOTLAND £732 £8,786 2.5
NORTHERN IRELAND £612 £7,344 3.0
UNITED KINGDOM £679 £8,152 2.7
Average annual rent vs private jet to Nice
Location Annual Rent    
Kensington and Chelsea £38,496    
Westminster £33,984    
Camden £29,124    
City of London £28,524    
Hammersmith and Fulham £24,840    
Richmond upon Thames £22,752    
Islington £22,740    
Hackney £22,008    
Wandsworth £21,936    
Private Jet to Nice £21,832    
Elmbridge £21,312    
Tower Hamlets £21,276    
Lambeth £21,012    
Southwark £20,112    
Brent £18,936    
Barnet £18,576    
Merton £18,504    
Haringey £18,156    
Ealing £17,808    
South Bucks £17,496    
Newham £17,064    
Guildford £16,956    
Hounslow £16,920    
Harrow £16,752    
Kingston upon Thames £16,752    
Sevenoaks £16,632    

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