Home Property Positive Feng Shui can boost property values by £89,000

Positive Feng Shui can boost property values by £89,000

by LLP Editor
16th Jun 21 12:46 pm

Research by Manor Interiors, the experts in build-to-rent furnishing solutions, has revealed that whether you buy into it or not, perfecting your property’s Feng Shui could see you sell for £45,000 more on average compared to a property giving out negative vibes.

Feng Shui is the principle that the design and spatial arrangement of your building can produce a harmonious flow of energy if done correctly. Examples of creating positive Feng Shui include an east-facing door as the sunrise symbolises a bright future and not allowing the kitchen stove to sit below the master bedroom. As well as the design of a house, the layout of the furniture within it can also impact Feng shui. Tips to increase positivity include not positioning your bed facing a mirror, always keep your sofa against a wall and never place it in front of the window. You should also arrange furniture in a way that maintains a natural pathway through the room.

The list goes on and finding that perfect balance of energy can be a tough task, so it’s no surprise that many look to get a step ahead when initially buying a property.

The research by Manor Interiors found that the initial layout and design of a property is important to 86% of homebuyers. So much so that 70% stated it had influenced their last property purchase, with 38% making further immediate changes as soon as they moved in.

What’s more, 72% said they paid more for their home because the design and layout were right for them, but how much more could perfect property Feng Shui command in the current market?

The International Journal of Housing Market and Analysis has published a journal on the impact of Feng Shui on residential property prices in Western cultures and the results are pretty surprising. It states that god Feng Shui within the home has the potential to increase the price achieved by as much as 7.7%. In contrast, failing to perfect your property’s Feng Shui could see you sell for -10% below value.

Based on current market values, Manor Interiors found that this positive Feng Shui premium could add as much as £19,743 to the current UK average house price of £256,405. However, a negative set up could knock £25,641 off the value of your home, meaning that in total, the gap between good and bad Feng Shui property prices sits at £45,384 on the average UK home.

Of course, in some regions, this Fen Shui property price swing is far greater and in London, the difference been good and bad energy could see homesellers achieve £89,000 less for their home. Even in the North East where this price difference is at its lowest, bad Feng Shui could mean you sell for nearly £26,000 less than those with positive property vibes.

CEO of Manor Interiors, Farhan Malik, commented: “While you may or may not be completely convinced by Feng Shui, there’s no doubt that many of us will relate to the core principle of perfecting the design and layout of our home if only to suit our own personal tastes.

Doing so can transform how we think and feel about our home and so it can certainly make for a happier home life and a greater appreciation for our property. It’s also understandable that this plays a role when looking to buy, both in terms of the homes we opt for and the price we’re willing to pay and research shows that positive Feng Shui really can have a substantial impact on property market values.

Whether you buy into it or not, it’s a particular focus of many housebuilders who market new build developments to foreign buyers where Feng Shui is deep-rooted within the culture of their native country. When furnishing these developments, we often have to consider how the furniture and layout of an apartment or house will not only impact the Feng Shui, but also how we can maximise positive energy to increase appeal once it does go up for sale or let.”

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