Home Residential Property Peckham home goes on market for £650,000, but look at the squalid state it’s been left in

Peckham home goes on market for £650,000, but look at the squalid state it’s been left in

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30th Jun 14 10:26 am

If you’re the lucky purchaser of the spacious three-bed home on Asylum Road currently being advertised by property agent JT Clarke London for £650,000, then the first thing you’re going to have to do is hire a skip. Maybe two skips.

This is because it’s chock-full of junk. The last occupiers seem to have barely moved out at all, and have left behind a mountain of rubbish, including old clothes, furniture and a vast array of assorted detritus.

Asylum Road 3

Image: JT Clarke London

You might think the owner or the estate agent might have invested a bit of time sorting it out for the photographs taken to advertise it, but no.

According to JT Clarke managing director Jason Morris, it’s being sold in the state it has been left in.  

The listing on the property website says the house is “certain to appeal to those looking for a property that presents enough scope upon which you can put your own mark and creativity, this home is waiting to either be lovingly restored or reconfigured for a more modern way of living.”

The first thing buyers will have to get creative with will be rubbish disposal.

Asylum Road 2

Image: JT Clarke London

Speaking to the Evening Standard, Morris said: “The only way to get clean images would have been to get the vendor or someone to clear it all up.

“The vendors are aware the market is quite strong, as a result they are just saving themselves time and money.

Asylum Road 4

Image: JT Clarke London

“It is just the market at the moment. That is what dictates three-bedroom houses in the area,” he added.

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