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New deal for social housing announced

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14th Aug 18 7:01 am

A ‘new deal’ for social housing residents, as part of the government’s commitment to make a housing market fit for the future has been launched by Secretary of State for Communities James Brokenshire.

The Social Housing Green Paper aims to rebalance the relationship between tenants and landlords, tackle stigma and ensure that social housing can be both a safety net and springboard into home ownership.

Our Green Paper aims to start a national discussion to collect views on how to improve social housing, based around five core principles:

A safe and decent home which is fundamental to a sense of security and our ability to get on in life.

Swift and effective resolution so that when residents have concerns about the safety or standard of their home they see results.

Empowering residents and ensuring their voices are heard so that landlords are held to account.

Tackling stigma and celebrating thriving communities, challenging the stereotypes that exists about residents and their communities.

Building the social homes that we need and ensure that those homes can act as a springboard to home ownership.

The proposals will empower residents to hold their landlords to account and give them the support they need to seek redress when things go wrong. A tougher regulator will help drive up standards and ensure social homes are well managed and quality places to live.

With the experiences of those living in social housing brought to the forefront following the tragedy at Grenfell Tower, over 8,000 residents from across the country have shared their views of social housing as part of the government’s listening exercise.

Secretary of State for Communities the Rt Hon James Brokenshire MP said:

“Providing high quality and well managed social housing is a core priority for this government.

“Our Green Paper offers a landmark opportunity for major reform to improve fairness, quality and safety for residents living in social housing across the country.

“Regardless of whether you own your home or rent, residents deserve security, dignity and the opportunities to build a better life.”

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