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Masculine street names worth £35,000 more than feminine street names

by LLP Editor
22nd Oct 21 11:41 am

‘Ella’ is the most expensive feminine street name, housing property worth an average £745,486, according to a study by Homedit.com.

‘Logan’ tops the masculine list, with a whopping average property price of £472,683, this is £272,803 less than the top feminine street name ‘Ella’. On average, property on ‘masculine streets’ is worth almost £35,000 more than property on
‘feminine streets’.

Homedit.com partnered with Pete Mugleson from OnlineMoneyAdvisor.co.uk to comment on the findings.

Pete Mugleson notes: “Many studies have identified a correlation between street name and home value. Whether we look at unusual street names, such as ‘Dumb Woman’s Lane’ in Tunbridge Wells, or something as simple as ‘Ella Street’ in Kingston upon Hull, like this study has, assessing the potential impact on property value can be beneficial from an investment point of view.

“With the turbulent nature of the property market, choosing the right location for your property is more important than ever. If you own a property and moving is not on the cards, you might be shocked to find that applying to change the name of your street is an option! But you’ll need to get the other residents on your side before contacting your local council, which will then review the application.”

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