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Majority of Brits will improve, not move in 2021

by LLP Reporter
3rd Dec 20 1:45 pm

If you haven’t mastered a TikTok dance or perfected that sourdough loaf yet in 2020, chances are your house smells of paint.

If lockdown has taught us one thing this year it’s that if you stay in your home for long enough, you either want to move or make it not look like your home anymore.

According to new research by Attic Self Storage, this trend is set to continue into next year as 53% of Brits say they would rather improve, than move in 2021 – with only one in five Brits claiming they would consider taking up the government’s stamp duty holiday relief.

Lockdown Brits are set to spend an average of £6,531 per household over the next year sprucing up and transforming their abodes, with decorating being the top home improvement (69%) and grey being named as the top colour of choice, followed by cream, blue, white and green. Pink is the least desired colour for home decorating.

More than two in five (43%) Brits are looking to upgrade their garden and outside areas; 34% are buying new furniture; almost a fifth (18%) are looking to extend or build an outhouse; and 14% a work hub.

It’s no surprise with lockdown that space was the top obstacle for both movers and improvers, with it being the number one reason (46%) for Brits opting to move over the next year; and for improvers – one in three is planning on creating more space by reworking a room (33%), and more than one in five (22%) are looking to create more storage space.

Safety is the biggest issue stopping Brits buying

Looking at the property market, 61% of Brits believe it’s a bad time to sell a property; 43% say they would rather stay put for safety reasons while 35% said it’s too challenging to view properties with all the restrictions. Moreover, 18% are put off by banks not lending like before; 29% think the market is too confusing, and 16% think they would lose too much money on their current property.

Frederic de Ryckman de Betz, Founder and CEO of Attic Self Storage, comments: “With lockdown returning and space being a key motivator for both movers and improvers, to help, we have worked with experts from all over the UK including interior stylists, estate agents, space savers and financial advisors, to create a free downloadable booklet with top tips for those making home improvements or buying a new property.”

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