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Kensington and Chelsea ranks as the optimal place to live for the best schools

by LLP Staff Reporter
24th Oct 22 5:02 pm

New analysis reveals that Kensington and Chelsea in London is the best area in England for outstanding education.

The study by childcare and education experts Little Ones London, examined the percentage of schools rated by Ofsted as outstanding in more than 150 parts of England to establish which areas have the highest chances of offering an outstanding education.

The research revealed that Kensington and Chelsea in London took the top spot as the best place to live for outstanding education. Kensington and Chelsea topped the list due to 51.52% of its schools being judged by the educational inspector as outstanding.

Following closely behind, Richmond upon Thames is the second-best area in England for an outstanding education. A total of 46.43% of its schools received an outstanding rating from Ofsted in their most recent inspection.

Harrow in North-West London ranks as the third best place to live in England for the best schools. The borough has seen 41.51% of its schools delivering outstanding teaching at the last Ofsted inspection.

Rounding off the top five are Lambeth and Westminster, ranking fourth and fifth, respectively. Both central London boroughs have over a third of their schools rated as outstanding. In Lambeth, 35.44% of schools have an outstanding rating whilst 34.69% of schools in Westminster have an outstanding rating issued by Ofsted.

Conversely, the Isle of Wight ranks at the bottom of the list, as none of its 45 schools are rated outstanding by Ofsted.

Blackpool also fares poorly in the analysis, placing second-last in the ranking. The local authority has only 5.13% of schools rated as outstanding in their last Ofsted inspection. Dudley is the third-bottom of the ranking, due to having 5.15% of its schools meet the requirements for outstanding education – just slightly higher than Blackpool.

Middlesbrough and Peterborough round out the bottom five, placing fourth and fifth worst respectively. The percentage of schools in Middlesbrough that rank as outstanding stands at 6.12% whilst in Peterborough the percentage is 6.67%.

A spokesperson for Little Ones London commented on the findings: “Every parent wants the best education for their children, so living close to good schools is a priority for many families. The results from this study offer an intriguing insight into which specific areas of England can offer the best education, with London dominating the list.”

The study was conducted by Little Ones London, an internationally established childcare and housekeeping service with offices located in the heart of central London.

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