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Inside London's thinnest home – would you pay £450,000 for it?

by LLP Editor
22nd May 14 11:35 am

Thin is in… for homes too.

A home in London’s Denmark Hill area is being touted as the thinnest home in the capital. But would you pay £450,000 for it?

The 99 inch-wide home comes with one bedroom, a reception room, toilet and a 75-inch wide private garden.

Home 2

The kitchen measures just 5ft 2 inches and the living room comes with a sofa beneath the stairs and a dining table.

Home 1

Foxtons is marketing the property and expects a queue of buyers for the property.

Home 1

Warren McCann, sales manages, Foxtons – East Dulwich, told the Standard: “I expect it was done by a developer who wanted to fit in an extra property at some point.

“The space is there, it is just not in a traditional layout. Given its location and the garden, I think it will go pretty quickly.”

Home 1

Home 1

Photo credit – Foxtons


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