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Hungarian twin town locations fetch the highest house prices in Britain

by LLP Finance Reporter
30th Sep 20 10:48 am

latest research by estate agent comparison site, GetAgent.co.uk, has revealed what your town’s foreign twin says about the quality of your domestic property market.

GetAgent.co.uk took the list of British twinned towns and sister cities released last week by the ONS and pulled data from the Land Registry on house prices for each one. GetAgent.co.uk then looked at the average property price across all towns and cities in Britain based on the twinned or sister nation they were linked with.

The best nation to be twinned with for a buoyant property price in the domestic market? Hungary. British towns and cities linked with Hungarian counterparts were home to the highest average property price on average at £328,351.

Portugal was the next best geographical sibling for higher house prices, with British towns and cities twinned with the nation home to an average house price of £287,747.

The average house price across areas twinned with Swiss towns or cities came in at £277,214, while the Netherlands (£236,496) and France (£205,001) also proved some of the best matches for higher house prices.

British towns twinned with Germany (£204,187) and Italy (£203,367) were also home to an average house price of over £200,000.

However, towns twinned with Romania (£190,510), Czech Republic (£189,128), Spain (£180,843) and Sweden (£160,878) didn’t prove the happiest of relationships where domestic house prices were concerned.

At £152,532, house prices were lowest across towns and cities twinned with locations in Belgium.

Founder and CEO of GetAgent.co.uk, Colby Short said, “Who would have thought that Hungary was the most prestigious twin nation for British towns and cities when it comes to higher house prices? You’d be forgiven for thinking that Switzerland might attract the areas of Britain with higher house prices due to the tax benefits associated with the nation.

“Bad news if you’re a homeowner in a town or city twinned with Belgium. While the nation might be famous for its chocolate, being associated with Belgium from a property point of view isn’t going to leave a very sweet taste where the value of your home is concerned.”

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