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How much to remove a tree stump

by John Saunders
29th Jul 19 1:04 pm

Trees make for one of the excellent outdoor scenery. However, at times there is a need to cut them down for several reasons. When a tree is cut down what’s left is the stump which is no joke to remove. Experts advise that people should not try to remove the stump on their own using amateur methods. If you search online, you will find a lot of mythical ways people share quoting that you can remove a tree stump without sweating. They encourage you to use nitrate fertilizers, chemicals and what not. If you are worried about how much to remove a tree stump will cost, then you need to know a few things beforehand.

Why hire tree removal experts?

If you are not aware of the benefits you get when you hire professionals for tree stump removal, then you are missing the bigger picture. Stump removal requires a certain skill set that only experts have.

When you hire a tree surgeon you are saving a lot of your time. It can take several days or even weeks to successfully remove a tree stump on your own without any skills. However, experts can complete the tree stump removal process within a few hours saving you a lot of time that you can invest in some other tasks. Additionally, the tree surgeon knows how to remove the stump with minimal damage. We have often seen people damaging their property, plants and other items in a relentless attempt for tree stump removal. When you hire an expert for the job, there is minimal or no damage at all. Also, you are not skilled enough to remove a tree stump without creating a mess like woodchips all over the place, while experts use tools like stump grinders that produce very little waste.

How much tree stump removal costs?

There is no particular answer to how much to remove a tree. The amount you will end up spending on tree stump removal depends on several factors.

Size of the stump

If there is a small tree stump to be removed, then you will be paying a lot less. Even you can try removing smaller stumps yourself using a tool called mattock, it costs around £15. But if the tree stump is larger than 5 inches, then you will have to hire experts who will access the root system and ideal tree stump removal method before quoting the final price.

Type of Tree

Hardwood trees like oak, elm, birch and hickory have very stubborn stumps that are not easy to remove. Such trees require a lot of effort to remove as they need to be grinded. Therefore, how much to remove a tree also depends on the type of tree and the time spent cutting the stump out.

Age and location of the stump

Older stumps are easier to remove because over time they rot, so it’s cheaper to remove them. Some people wait for the stump to grow older before removing them. This is not advised as it can cause serious accidents. Location of the tree stump will also add to the cost of removal. If the stump is located near a building, experts will have to use sophisticated methods to remove it. This will cost you more.

Taxes and Permit Fee

The cost of tree stump removal that is quoted to you by the service provider is inclusive of the taxes on the services. However, you still need to get a permit from the local authorities at a small fee for tree stump removal. If there are underground cables or utility connections then it will all add up the cost.

Overall cost

Depending on the above factors and some miscellaneous conditions like the geographical location, soil condition and the number of stumps, the minimal cost of tree stump removal can be around £77. However, on average removal services cost approximately £231. In situations where tree stump removal is complicated, you can end up paying as much as £616.

How much to remove a tree must not be your concern. You should focus on the fact that it is important to remove tree stump to make your property look appealing and to avoid any costly accidents on your property.

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