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London’s loveliest Christmas tree displays

by John Saunders
16th Dec 19 10:04 am

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Those who love the festive atmosphere will surely feel at home in London, where beautiful Christmas trees are decorating the entire city. Whether you are a tourist or a local, there is a wide range of trees for everyone to admire. Read on to see some of our top picks for the most fabulous trees in the capital!

Issues with Christmas Trees

Unfortunately, it’s not all fun and rainbows when it comes to Christmas trees. However beautiful they might be, most of them will end up at a landfill once the winter is over, causing unnecessary waste. On a similar note, experts estimate that every tree costs the local authorities around £2.32 in fees and taxes.

While it’s sad that the once beautiful tree that brought joy needs to be disposed of, simply throwing it out is the worst fate for it. There are many uses for a Christmas tree past the festive season. If you don’t have enough space in your home to store it for the next season, it’s the best to recycle your Christmas tree. Be responsible for the waste you create!

Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum in South Kensington boasts a magical Christmas tree, covered in fairy lights. London’s favourite tree is surrounded by an ice rink for extra festive points. You can admire the beautiful tree while skating around it, or from the balcony. It really is a sight to see.

Covent Garden Market

Next up on our list is the fabulous tree at the Covent Garden Market. An absolute unit of a tree, it is 16 meters high and is decorated with over 30,000 lights! If that isn’t enough for your festive needs, another 100,000 lights have been strung across the Piazza for maximum festivity.

Local brands behind this massive tree are taking “treesponsibility”, meaning that they are planting 10 trees for every one they cut down. Not only that, but they are also recycling every one they cut, which is around 50, reducing the environmental impact.

St Pancras International Station

This unique “tree” in the shape of the Eiffel Tower at St Pancras was made by Lancome. Unsurprisingly, as the tree is made from thousands of bottles of Lancome’s best selling perfume! The pink hue fits nicely in the joyous atmosphere, and the structure is definitely an interesting spin on the traditional Christmas tree.

Worried about all those bottles of perfume going to waste? You shouldn’t be, as they are being donated to a charity Look Good Feel Good once the tree is taken down.


The tree at Liberty takes the spotlight when it comes to unusual Christmas décor. The shopping centre in Soho revealed its magnificent tree, inspired by the Tree of Life. With a teal bark and pink blossoms, the tree is bound to raise a few eyebrows.

Somerset House

Tired from skating at the Natural History Museum? Don’t worry, as there is a beautiful ice rink at Somerset House! A beautiful 12-metre high tree is waiting for you with festive cheer, and contributed to the name “London’s Most Beautiful Ice Rink”.

Trafalgar Square

Not only is the tree at Trafalgar Square a beautiful sight to see, but it also has a bit of history behind it. The trees at Trafalgar Square have been donated from the city of Oslo to the people of Britain every year since 1947, and it’s no different in 2019. A token of gratitude, the tree is decorated in a traditional Norwegian style using more than 500 lights.

The Savoy

Another very unique tree founds its place at The Savoy. What makes it unique, you might ask? Well, it’s made entirely from legos! Covered in candy canes and baubles, it is a perfect way to bring out the child inside you.


If you’ve ever wondered what the tallest LED Christmas tree in London in, the answer is the Winterfest. Head on over to Wembley Park to see this gorgeous light and sound installation.

Granary Square

The beautiful tree at Granary Square is both minimalistic and colourful, perfect for those who grew tired of the traditional Christmas tree.

Hopefully, you’ve been inspired by some of the fabulous trees on the list. Ranging from traditional to avant-garde, there is a tree in London for everyone’s taste and preference. The Christmas season is undoubtedly a joyous period, and the trees are making sure that everyone in London is having a beautiful time.

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