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Homemovers research their next move more than ever

by LLP Reporter
29th Jan 19 5:14 am

Latest research from Zoopla has revealed that an impressive 31% of the British public already know the street, or in some cases, even the specific house they want to move to in their next property venture.

Zoopla’s data shows that both tenants and buyers alike have more exacting requirements from selling and letting agents than ever before and are well informed when they start the search for their next home.

The survey of over 6,000 respondents from across the UK asked consumers if they knew where they wanted to live when embarking on their next home move. Regionally, Londoners have the clearest picture in their heads when it comes to where they want to move to. 48% know either the specific house or street they want to live in. In contrast, those in Wales are the least certain, with only 16% knowing which house or street they want to move to.

Furthermore, home sellers are gearing up to buy their dream home by researching beyond just where they want to live, they are also frequently researching the value of their current property. As such, Zoopla has compiled a ranking of the top 10 UK towns where vendors are most likely to check the value of their own home by examining how many times visitors to the Zoopla website used the estimates tool to get an instant valuation on their property.

Residents in Milton Keynes are most likely to frequently check the value of their home. On average they are 42% more likely to run a valuation on their property than the national average. In second place is Bedford at 38% and Colchester in third, where vendors are 32% more likely than the rest of the country to inspect their property price.

Charlie Bryant, managing director of Zoopla said, “Our survey highlights to agents that their clients are researching their next property move more than ever before.

“Zoopla’s range of tools helps consumers with their property research. We also support agents to understand their clients’ exacting requirements by providing invaluable market insights and services to help successfully manage these relationships.”

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