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Future proofing your house with a new lift

by John Saunders
22nd Apr 21 10:52 am

Today, more individuals are looking to install home lifts to future proof the building during their later years. These devices offer a greater quality of life and allow people to stay in their homes, even though they may have mobility problems. It’s unsettling to think about having to move from a house you may have loved for many years. But once you install a home lift, you’ll be able to enjoy many more years there.

Increasing your property value

Besides offering style and safety, home lifts can increase property values. Even if your plan now is to stay in the house as long as you can, you may find that someday you wish to move to an assisted living facility. By installing a home lift, you’ll make the building more valuable since these devices are huge assets. They can greatly increase your property value. Potential buyers want buildings that are easy to access. Whether they’re retired or have young children, a home lift can make their lives easier, making your house more appealing to them.

Making your house future-proof now

In your later years, you likely will not want to move since you’ll be settled in your house and love your community. You may have great relationships with the neighbors, and the idea of moving can be difficult to process. And while some wish to downsize, many others can’t see themselves living in an apartment or smaller house. Plus, leaving the house causes an upheaval in your life, and it can be costly. No matter your reasons for wishing to remain in place, installing a home lift is the ideal way to future proof the home.

You can combine that with further renovations, such as installing handrails in frequently used places. Consider adding ramps where you have shorter sets of stairs, like the ones to your front door. And even though you may not want to downsize your house, you can still free up more space by decluttering and getting rid of things you no longer need. That way, you’ll have more room to get around if you require a walker or wheelchair. And it also reduces the risk of tripping.

More security

When you want to age in place, a home lift can offer a great deal of security. Your household will benefit from the improved accessibility since they are not as dangerous as stairs are. It is not hard to accidentally fall over the railing. As you get older, your eyesight and sense of balance might not be what they once were, so you might be at risk of tripping or missing a step. Elderly people also tend to have more fragile bones, so a fall on the stairs can be much more dangerous for them than for a younger person.

Falling down the stairs can result in fractures, broken bones, and head injuries. And it is often more challenging to recover from those injuries as well. But once you have a home lift installed, you can move between levels with greater peace of mind.

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