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Homeowners urged to review home security during lockdown

by LLP Staff Reporter
22nd Jan 21 1:13 pm

Despite the vast majority of Brits spending more time at home than ever before, newly released data has revealed that 356,000 homes were broken into last year prompting security experts to issue warnings surrounding improving home security during lockdown.

Security retailers, safe.co.uk, looked closely at the security home measures Brits go to, to keep themselves safe in their home, after a study found 64% of burglaries in England and Wales happen while residents are on the premises.

Speaking directly to the culprits, when asked which were the best deterrents, twelve former burglars voted CCTV as the most effective, followed by the sound of a dog barking, security lights and fences.

However, Safe’s new research revealed that certain cities across the UK don’t believe they need to have CCTV in place, revealing Norwich and Bristol are the least security conscious compared to Manchester and London, where nearly a third of people have CCTV on their house.

Manchester – 30%
London – 27%
Birmingham – 25%
Newcastle – 23%
Liverpool – 22%
Sheffield – 18%
Southampton – 18%
Leeds – 17%
Nottingham – 16%
Belfast – 16%
Edinburgh -13%
Cardiff – 11%
Glasgow – 11%
Norwich – 9%
Bristol – 7%

In a pledge to keep the UK safe, Safe.co.uk has provided five key CCTV facts to cut through any myths and misinformation:

1: Image Quality – Twelve years ago, 80% of CCTV footage given as evidence to the police was disregarded due to the poor image quality. Over the last ten years, advancements in technology has led to 4k resolution and crystal-clear footage that can be viewed on the phone and TV.

2: Insurance Reductions – Compare The Market admitted that having CCTV results in lower premiums, saving money on monthly or yearly insurance contracts.

3: Night Vision – Until Spring, there are limited hours of daylight and more time for burglars to remain undetected in the dark. Most new CCTV cameras are equipped with HD night vision, meaning you can record in high definition both day and night.

4: Weatherproof – So far January has produced tough weather conditions, and the Met Office has also predicted forthcoming storms and temperatures as low as -15°. CCTV cameras are now built to withstand extreme weather and can be fitted outside the property with peace of mind that they won’t break.

5: Sensors – With equipped enforcer lights, new CCTV systems flash blue and red (like a police siren) when activated by a motion sensor. On top of this, other cameras have thermal sensing, meaning the cameras record when heat and motion is detected. This reduces the chances of receiving a false alert and only records what needs to be seen.

Anthony Neary, managing director for safe.co.uk, commented: “During lockdown, people need to feel safe in their own homes. The new government data shows that thieves aren’t afraid to attempt a burglary whilst people are at home, however, CCTV could be a vital way to keep them at bay.

“I hope our findings act as a wake-up call for homeowners in cities such as Bristol and Norwich, and the real advantages of having security cameras in place are taken into account by home and property owners across the country.”

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